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- Photo Packages:
If you want to Order the Photo Package, the After-Show package price is $110 Per Back #. Package includes ALL the photos in your individual Gallery plus any Candids you can find. Please purchase using the below link as the price is not available on the PhotoReflect site where the photos are posted.

Note: ONLINE PHOTOS ARE NOT EDITED UNLESS PURCHASED. I will fix lighting and cropping as needed on Purchased images.

This is Copyright THEFT and is a Very Uncool thing to do!
If you like the photo enough to screenshot it, you like it enough to purchase it. 

I LOVE photographing your horses and I want you to enjoy your photos, so if money is tight please contact me and I'm more than happy to work with you so you can legally purchase your images.
Thank you from all small business photographers

Thank you for your business! I truly appreciate you.

AFTER-SHOW Photo Package

ALL your Photos for $110 PER BACK #  when purchased here
Includes ALL Photos in your individual gallery (Classes, Candids, and any portraits or pet photos taken).
• Minimum of 15 high resolution images that can be printed or shared on social media
• Your pick of 8 photos to be edited to look awesomer.
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brown eggs on white textile
brown eggs on white textile
white clousd
white clousd

2023 Paint and Pinto horse shows
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