Summa in the Hamptons Paint Show
Northampton, MA
August 12 - 13, 2023

Great show everyone! I loved photographing all your beautiful horses!

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- Photos are posted by Individual Back # Galleries and by Class groups.

If you Paid for the Show Special Photo Package:
- I have sent out all photo download links to your email and/or cell phone on 8/16/23. If you didn't receive it please contact me!
- Let me know the photo ID#'s you want edited.

If You SIGNED UP for Photos:
- I have emailed and/or texted you the link to your view-only Individual photo gallery. You can also click on "View Show Photos" above.
- You can still purchase the Show Photo Package for $85 until the end of August. Contact me and I will send you the Checkout link.
! NOTE: PHOTOS ONLINE ARE NOT EDITED. Purchased Photos will be edited.

This is THEFT and it's a Very Uncool thing to do!
If you like the photo enough to screenshot it, you like it enough to purchase it.

Can't wait for your order to post a special photo? Contact us and we'll text you the image.
I LOVE photographing your horses and I want you to enjoy your photos, so if money is tight please reach out and I'm more than happy to work with you so you can legally and affordably purchase your images.
Thank you!

After-Show Photo Info

Thank you for your business! I truly appreciate you.

$95 for ALL photos in your gallery Per Back #

Includes ALL the photos in your Gallery plus any Candids.
• Bare minimum of 15 high resolution images for printing or posting to social media.

* Includes Editing on 5+ images - your pick.

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Group discounts available until the end of August. Use Coupon Code:
"GROUP2" if buying 2 back #'s - Save $10
"GROUP3" if buying 3 back #'s - Save $30.
"GROUP4" if buying 4+ back #'s - Save $60


brown eggs on white textile
brown eggs on white textile
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white clousd

Individual photos purchased Will have Basic Editing done automatically at No extra cost.
Photo Package purchases - Your Pick of 5 images to have Basic Editing done.

BASIC Editing includes: Cropping, Centering, Lighten/Darken, fix red eye, poop removal, and adding clouds to white sky.

ADVANCED Editing is charged at $50 + per image and includes: Removing people/objects, Blurring or Changing Background, Fixing Horses or Humans (ears, tail, gelding parts, blemishes, etc), and special requests.